Long-Tailed Lizards Your Care Guild

Long-Tailed LizardsLong-Tailed Lizards

Takydromus sexlineatus

Experience Level: Beginner

Lifespan: It Can live for five years

Size: Up to 12 inches

Habitat: Tropical/Arboreal Environment

Three step care guild


  • Long-tailed lizards came from Southern Asia: they require a warm, humid environment. You can house more than two together. PLus, can accommodate them with other compatible tropical animals.
  • The terrarium should be a tall ten gal 18 inches or higher setup; used for a single lizard. The reason a high enclosure is preferable: these lizards love to climb. You should also include a screened lid.


  • The substrate needs to be 2 to 3 inches. You can use coconut fiber, reptile bark or moss. Spot clean at least once a week, completely change once a month.
  • Decor should include rocks or branches to elevate your pets close to the heat source; wood and rocks should also be used to provide hiding spots. You can also offer live plants and branches; make sure the supplier do not treat them with chemicals. Include a water dish. Make sure your branches or plants are sturdy enough for the size of your lizards.


Long-tailed Lizards require a temperature gradient; so they can regulate their body temperatures, Temperatures should vary between night and day hours.

    • You need Two thermometers; so use one in the cool-side and one in the basking-area, The cold side should be between 75 and 85 degrees; basking spot should be 85 to 90 degrees and the nighttime 65 to 75 degrees.
      • Also, A high-wattage basking bulb placed above the basking-spot will provide heat; a 12 on/off light cycle is recommended. For secondary and nighttime heat, uses a heat emitter or nighttime heat-bulb.
    • Use a hygrometer to measure humidity levels; it should range between 50 to 80 percent. You create humidity by maintaining a water dish in the environment, misting your pets/environment every day. You can also set up an automatic fogger, mister, or drip system.
    • Lighting, you need to set up a 12-hour light-dark cycle. Place the lights on a timer. These lizards like to be active during the daytime. You need to provide the UVA/U fluorescent bulb they need so their bodies properly to absorb calcium. Make sure you replace the bulb every six months.
    • Long-tailed lizards love eating insects; so this means they are insectivores. Feed them Crickets, mealworms, and the occasional wax worm. You will need to dust your insects twice a week with a calcium supplement, and once a week with a reptile multivitamin. They need to eat during the daytime; only provide them with enough food that they can eat during that day.

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