Eyelash Crested Gecko Habitat Overview

Eyelash Crested GeckoEyelash Crested Gecko-Gargoyle Gecko

Eyelash Crested Gecko Experience Level: Beginner

lifespan: 10 to 15 years

Size: Up to 10 inches

Habitat: Tropical/Arboreal Environment


4 Step care Guild


  • These geckos originated from the South Pacific. They require a warm, humid environment; You can house 2 Crested Geckos together, but not two males. It’s best you house Gargoyles alone. A 20 gal 20 to 24-inch tall terrarium is preferred. The terrarium needs to be well vented with a screened lid.

2.Heating and Lighting

  • Tools needed
    • A hygrometer to measure humidity
    • Two thermometers to monitor temperatures high and low.
  • Like most Reptile they need a temperature gradient to regulate their body temperatures. The temperatures should always change between night and day cycles. A low-watt heat bulb or ceramic heat emitter can be used as needed during the Daytime. Night use ceramic heat emitter or night heat lamp.
  • Humidity: Range 50 to 80 percent
  • Temperature:
    • Daytime Cool Area- 75 to 80 degrees
    • Daytime Warm Area- 80 to 85 degrees
    • Night- 65 to 75 degrees
  • Lighting:
    • Since the Gecko is a night lover, a UV light is not needed. For night viewing make sure you use a special nighttime light. Make sure you supply them with Vitamin D.

3.Substrate and Decor

  • Substrate- Use 2 to 3 inches of coconut fiber or bark. Clean out the waste weekly and completely change the substrate monthly.
  • Decor- Add some hiding spaces like wood and rocks. You need to add branches for climbing and hiding too. They can be artificial or real. You can use live plants too.

4.Nutrition and Maintenance

  • Geckos are omnivores, so they love insects and fruits. Like most reptiles, they require a calcium supplement and reptile vitamin.
    • Dust with a calcium supplement twice a week
    • Dust with a reptile multivitamin once a week.
  • Give them a prepared store-bought diet daily and Crickets once or twice a week. Cricket should be fed a special diet before feeding.
  • Clean the food and water bowl daily. Always feed in the bowl, so they don’t accidentally eat substrate.
  • Water- Use dechlorinator, they will drink from the bowl lick their skin for moisture. Mist your Geckos every other day with warm water.
    • Remember to change water daily.

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