Pet lizard Habitats The basic 4 types.

Pet Lizard Habitats


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Green Iguana

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Pet lizard Habitats

Pet Lizard Habitats, there four basic types of habitats. They are desert, temperate, tropical, and semi-aquatic. One more thing to keep to note, you have climbing and ground lizards. Climbing lizards like to climbing; hence, you need to provide them with a tall terrarium. Therefore, They tend to be slim, have muscular legs and are excellent jumpers. Then, you have the ground lizard. They are heavy with short legs and stumpy tails. You need to house them in a long terrarium is preferred. In conclusion, let’s move on to discuss these types of habitats.

Pet Lizard Habitats types

Desert environments get very little rainfall. Due to that, the animals have developed have developed specific adaptations to cope with these situations. Some desert lizard has toes fringed with spiny scales; as a result, you can see them run across sand without sinking. You will also notice they have clear scales on their eyelids; this protects their eyes and allows them to see while moving under the sand. They move under the sand, To eat or hide from predators. You need to have the humidity 30 to 10 percent. The temperature needs to range between 110° for the hot side and 65° for the cold side plus night temperatures.

A temperate climate. With this in mind, it means a moderate climate.  Mother nature keeps a balance; these climates are not extremely hot or cold. You will need to keep the temperature range between 100° for the hot side and 65° for the more chill side and nighttime. The Humidity should range between 30 to 50 percent.

A Tropical environment, So The average temperature will stay above 65°. Therefore, these climates are nonarid and consistent with equatorial climate conditions. You need to keep them between 95° and 70°. The humidity level should be between 50% and 80%.

The Semi-aquatic environment.  An environment consisting of both land and water. You should keep these between 95° for the warmer side and as low as 60° for the cooler side and nighttime temps.

Furthermore, Examples of popular pet lizards and their environment.

Temperate Pet Lizard: Chameleons

Tropical Pet Lizards: Anole, Long-tailed, Eyelash Crested Gecko

Semi-Aquatic Pet Lizards: Newts

Desert Lizards: Bearded Dragon, Rankin’s Dragon, Leopard Gecko