Your Pet Green Iguana


Your Pet Green Iguana


The Green Iguana is a reptile. comes from South America. It enjoys warm, tropical climates. It can also make a wonderful pet. Here are some helpful tips on choosing and caring for your Green Iguana.
How do you choose your Iguana? It’s simple. When you go to your locaGreen Iguanal pet store ask for help, or you can follow these tips:
1. Avoid Iguanas that are very thin and are not active.
2. Avoid Iguanas that have swollen toes or jaws.
3. Avoid Iguanas that have dark or black patches on their skin.
4. Avoid old Iguanas. Select a young Iguana, it will adapt easier and be friendlier.

If you follow this advice, the Iguana you choose will be healthy and happy.

Now that you have your Green iguana where will it live? That’s not hard either. The Iguana grows very fast in the first two years of life. It is best to select an enclosure that is large. As a starter tank, a standard 25-gallon glass aquarium is best. It should have a screen cover.
What to put inside of your new iguana’s enclosure is important too. There should be branches placed diagonally across the enclosure. This gives the animal something to lay on, your Iguana needs a place to rest. There should also be a heat light at the ceiling of the enclosure, and a heat rocks the bottom. Iguanas need to have heat sources. They are tropical natives. The Iguanas new home should be lined with cedar chips or something thing similar. These should be changed once a week for hygiene purposes.

Feeding your Iguana the right foods will help it to grow healthy.

Now ask your local pet store for help selecting special iguana food. Iguanas also like fresh vegetables such as lettuce and carrots. Make sure always to have fresh water in the enclosure too. Water should be in a shallow dish or bowl. The Iguana will not only drink this water but may also choose to bathe in it too. Change the water and give fresh food daily.
Iguanas also need to be groomed. You should trim your Iguana’s claws on a regular basis. General cleanliness is important for the well being of your Iguana. Let your Iguana bathe in a warm container of water once a week. This will keep it clean. Last, remember to give your pet a Calcium and Reptile Multi-Vitamin.

Now that you know how to take care of your Iguana you should get to know it too.

Iguanas have different personalities like people do. Some are shy and ski dish. Others are outgoing and like the interaction with people. Get to know your Iguana by devolving a pet/owner relationship. The key to devolving a pet/owner relationship is not to threaten your Iguana. Start by taking it out and handling it a few minutes each day. Gradually handle it more frequently and for longer periods. Never be rough or mean to your pet. If you show it love and are gentle, you will become friends quickly.

Iguanas can live for many years. If taken care of properly, your Iguana will live for ten to fifteen years.
An Iguana is a wonderful animal to have as a pet. If you select a young, healthy animal, it will live for years to come. Following these tips on housing, feeding, and grooming will make keeping your new Iguana a bit easier. Remember to treat you’re your new pet lovingly. Get to know and enjoy your Iguana. It will be your friend for life.