Newts Three Step Care Guild

Newts Pet LizardNewts

Newts are simply a type of salamander. 

Newt 3 Step Care Guild

  • Includes
    • Firebelly, Mandarine, Eastern, Hong Kong, Crested and Paddle Tail.

Habitat:  Semi-Aquatic or Aquatic Habitat

Life Span: 15+ years

Size: Up to 7 inches long



  • Aquarium 2. Decor 3. Care




  • The Newt will perform well in small Aquariums around 5 gallons. If you choose to have more than one Newt a bigger habitat is preferred. The general rule you use five gallons of space per Newt. They need land and water areas this can be achieved with a floating platform.
  • The aquariums should be located in low traffic areas. Avoid direct sunlight and drafts. They can weight as much as 10 pounds so if you choose to use a stand make sure the stand is sturdy.
  • A light should be placed on a timer for 8 to 12 hours on a day. The terrarium needs to be screened and secured to prevent escape.


  • You need some gravel made for aquariums. You want a 2 to 3 inches layer on the bottom. The general rules are 1.5 lb of aquarium gravel for every gallon of tank capacity.
  • Plants can be live or artificial. If you choose to use live plants, make sure you select the appropriate plant or seeds.If you choose to drop seeds in the water, make sure you check the dates.
  • You need to choose Ornaments and rocks that are designed for aquariums or terrariums. Use a floating raft to provide outside of water access for your Newts, Make sure you rinse everything before use.


  • Filtration is a must to keep the water clean. You should either use power filters or under gravel filters. They will provide aeration and filtration for the aquarium. Read the Package to make sure you have the right size. Keep this in mind when choosing a filter, it should move the water through the filter a minimum of 3 times an hour. Make sure you also add beneficial bacteria to promote waste breakdown.
  • Heating, use an aquarium heater as needed to keep the temperature between 62 and 75 degrees. Also keep a spare bag of ice around in case of an emergency. I ran into a situation where the A/c went out, and I had to keep Ice in my fish tank.
  • When Setting up a Semi-Aquatic habitat, you can achieve this by adding a downward slope. Your creativity has no limits, just make sure you have 1 inch of the substrate over the heater. A hydrometer is ideal to measure the humidity. Mist the aquarium 3 to 5 times daily. You can also set-up a misting or fogger on a timer. Plus, Make sure you use dechlorinated water.
  • For Nutrition feed your pet lizards insects. They eat a variety of small crickets, wax worms, and earthworms/red wigglers too. Its preferred you dust the feeder insects with a vitamin /calcium dust. Only feed them enough to get through the day.
  • Maintenance:

    • Feed daily.
    • Change 10% of the water, Remove waste and uneaten insects, and scrub glass of algae weekly.
    • Vacuum gravel and replace 25% of the water, perform filter maintenance, scrub the glass and prune live plants as needed.
    • Always add dechlorinated water. If you choose to use tap water in your enclosure; Add some water conditioner to the water before putting it in the habitat. Wash your hands before and after.
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