Feeder insects & Gut Loading Basic overview

Dubia CockRoaches

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Gut Loading Feeder insects

Gut loading is feeding your insects nutritious foods. Because what your insects eat is what your reptiles eat. When you provide your reptiles live insects, you need to Gut-Load them the about two days before you feed them to your reptile. So, keeping you live insects at home for a few days, allowing them to Gut-Load before feeding will benefit your pet. You can buy ready to eat insects to feed your reptiles are freeze-dried, they most likely are already Gut-Loaded. Let’s go over Gut-Loading.

  • You can buy prepackaged commercial cricket food specially designed for gut-loading your feeder insects. The makers will formulate these things like kelp, spirulina, brewers yeast and more. Plus, they will pack the foods with vitamins and minerals. A good diet for your feeder insects.
  • Create your Gut-loading insect food. Grind premium cat or dog food into a powder. Keyword Premium, not the cheapest you can find. Dust the insects with a calcium supplement before feeding them to your pets.
  • Feed your crickets or insects dark leafy greens, tropical fish, sweet potatoes, carrots, oranges, apples, potatoes, alfalfa, wheat germ, etc. Do not let the food rot.
  • Use a Reptile Vitamin once a week and dust their food with a calcium supplement twice a week including vegetables.

Raising your own Insects

So, This is just an overview of gut loading. You want more info raising  Crickets yourself; I attached two awesome guilds.

Cricket Breeding Made Simple   Click Here!


Cricket breeding guild  Click Here!
Benefits of raising your own insects. First, you will be paying pennies on the dollar. Second, you can turn it into a business. Insects are in very high demand during fishing season. If you go to popular fishing spots there will be either someone who forgot to but bait or someone who ran out of bait. Is you are walking around selling bait they are not going to leave that spot they picked out. If you stay close buy give out business cards.