Dubia Roach Colony Kits Raise Your Own Kits and Care

Dubia Roaches-they are clean easy and Nutritious

Dubia Kits contains everything you need to get your colony started.

  • Egg Flats – Gives your colony a place to hide.
  • Dubia Roach Chow – Provides nutrition for your Retiles.
  • Water Gel Granules – Keeps your colony hydrated without risk of drowning.

Dubia Cockroaches are popular among reptile owners. Compared to most food sources like crickets, the dubia has more protein, easier to maintain and low odor.

The Deluxe breeding kit comes complete with everything needs to set up a colony of Dubia Roaches. Dubia roaches give live birth to 30 or more nymphs. They will live up to 1 year. They do not climb or fly.


Dubia Cleaner Crews

Black Cleaner Beetles “Buffalo Beetle” makes a great companion when breeding Dubia roaches, they can live together without harming your colony. They will eat the dead and help with mold, mites, fungus, and flies. Therefore, prolonging the time between cleaning, the tubs. You can feed the excess larva baby pet lizards. They will not bite you and have no odor.

How to raise Dubia CockRoaches- Is the piece it together yourself way.

Materials needed to start a colony. The most common materials you will need.

  • Start with 15 Adults 10 female and 5 Males.
  • 2 Aquariums or plastic tub with a cover make sure they are high enough. Ou will need an extra one for when you clean up.
  • Egg crates for housing and hiding. Be should stack vertically so the dropping will fall to the bottom.
  • A heat mats.
  • Egg Crates
  • Roach Food & Water Crystals
  • Shallow bowls

Starting and Breeding  Dubia CockRoachesDubia CockRoaches

Now, Start your colony and breed your Dubia roaches by placing your roaches in their new home. Dubias thrive at 90 to 95 degrees, that why I recommend you use a heating pad for your colony.

Even though they are low maintenance monitor them daily. Place the egg crates upright, you can tie them together. The best food to use if you are feed reptiles. Is a high-quality Roach Chow or a variety of fruits and vegetables, especially ones that are high in carotenoids. Parings, apple core, potatoes and broccoli stalks, yes roaches eat their broccoli so should you. Make sure you clean out extra food before it starts to mold and keeps food and water crystals in separate containers.

When you are in the breed process you can use dog foods or cat foods, it’s not recommended you feed them dog and cat food when you start using them as feeders. The reason is high protein leads to extra uric acid which can be harmful to your roaches.

Dubia Chow recipe


  • 1 cup of corn flakes
  • 1\2 cup wheat thins
  • 1 pack of instant oats
  • 1\4 cup of bearded dragon pellets
  • 1 scoop of calcium power
  • 1 scoop of multivitamin

Grind it all up together.

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