Chameleons are you ready to own a Pet Chameleon

ChameleonsChameleons Pet Lizard

Chameleons are for advanced lizard lovers.Since, You will need to give them a lot of care and attention, mainly because you will need to monitor their environment closely.

Veiled- Chamaeleo calyptratus  Jackson’s- Chamaeleo jacksonii

Experience Level: Advanced

Lifespan: five to seven years

Size: Up to 18 inches

Habitat: Temperate/Arboreal Environment

3 step care guild

Step 1 Terrarium: Both Veiled and Jackson Chameleons require warm and humid environments. The Veiled Chameleon originated from Saudi Arabia, the Jackson from East Africa.

  • You should make sure you have a well-ventilated terrarium setup, with a screened lid and at least 3 foot tall. They love to climb that’s the reason they prefer a high enclosure.

Step 2 Decor:

  • Substrate: Use 2 to 3 inches of coconut fiber, reptile bark or carpet. Spot clean once a week and completely change out once a month.
  • Decor: Rocks and branches should be included to elevate your pet close to the heat source for basking. Artificial, living branches or plants should be enclosed included for hiding and climbing. Make sure if you use live plants, they are safe and not treated with chemicals. Include a food clip or dish. Make sure your branches are large and stable enough, just slightly larger than their grip.


Step 3 care:

Like with all reptiles, they need a temperature gradient so they can regulate their body temperatures. The temperature should vary between night and day.

  • Heating: The daytime cool area should range between 70 to 80 degrees. The Basking Spot for Veiled should be 90 to 100 degrees and Jackson’s 80 to 85 degrees. Plus, you need two thermometers to monitor temperatures. A high-wattage basking bulb will provide heat during the day. Turn the basking light of every 12 hours. A ceramic heat-emitter or nighttime heat bulb can be used as needed for night time warmth.
  • Humidity: Use a hygrometer to monitor humidity, since you need to maintain 50 to 80 percent humidity. Create and maintain the levels by setting up an Automatic fogger, mister or drip system.
  • lighting: You need to provide your pet lizards a 12 hour light/dark cycles. Since they are most active during the day, a UVA/UVB bulb needed so they absorb calcium properly. Make sure you change the bulb every six months.
  • Food: Chameleons are insectivores, meaning their primary diet is insects. You will need to dusk their food with a calcium supplement twice a week and a reptile multivitamin once a week.
    • Feed them insects once a day. Only give them enough that they can eat in one day. They should be fed during the daytime. They eat crickets, mealworms and can have the occasional wax-worm.
      • Veiled Chameleons require small amounts of vegetables. You can feed them live plants, collards or mustard greens once daily. Only feed them enough that can be eaten in four hours.
  • Water: They will not drink from a dish; they will lick the water from their skin and habitat. That why an automatic drip and mist system needs to ensure proper humidity levels and moisture at all time.

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